Ecological distribution and application research status of methanotroph b ased on gas control of coal mines

Category: ICETI 2017
Author: WU Jingang, ZHANG Guang, ZHANG Ruilin, YU Hong
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Gas disaster is considered as a severe problem faced by underground mines. It is seen as a feasible technological means to degrade gases in coal mines by using methanotroph, which is although subjected to a primary research stage in application. Researchers sampled, cultured and identified multiple effective methanotrophs in conventional and extreme natural environments as well as production environment of coal mines. However, the majority of methanotroph is aerobic while minority of them is anaerobic. The designed experimental conditions and scales in the research significantly differed from the actual conditions of coal seams so that it is hard to apply the research on site. This study analyzed the major problems of current researches and put forward the requirement in environmental conditions: the actual conditions of gases of coal mines are fully taken into consideration in the future researches. Moreover, the study pointed out that the extraction environment and cultured conditions of effective methanotroph and is expected to concentrate on improving research efficiency and application value.

Pages 172-176
Year 2017
Issue 2
Volume 1


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