Application of Computer Aided Design in Process Design of Acid Making by Flue Gas

Category: CleanWAS 2017
Author: Deng Gengsheng, Zhang Guiping
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In order to liberate designers from complicated and repetitive calculation work, the design cost of sulphuric acid process is reduced. According to the production process of acid making by flue gas and the operation characteristics of computer program, the automation of design and calculation of acid making process is realized by using visual programming and database technology. This paper introduces how to apply the calculation process calculations of computerization, through sorting out the common formula, the basic calculation objects and links, data tables and other basic elements of common numerical calculation, model objects and links, and realize the function of the package and on this basis, the final realization of the calculation process program. The auxiliary calculation program has been continuously improved in the actual engineering projects, giving full play to the advantages of computer technology, greatly reducing the design cycle and improving work efficiency.  


Pages 39-42
Year 2017
Issue 1
Volume 1


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